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Stand up to cancer

My beautiful friend Emma Todd was diagnosed with cancer for the second time in December 2011... 
Emma had beautiful brunette hair
and wanted to make the most of it before Chemotherapy took effect.  
A few times a week we would get together
to create a crazy style.
Using her wild imagination and my skills
we created a lot of beautiful colours and styles... We mixed Blue and Pinks,
even attempting the Mohawk Style!  
Experiencing this with Emma was
emotional but amazing,
it was over whelming seeing her smile and hearing her giggle at her bright hair.  
Emma loved trying new styles she would not ever of considered having...
she also took plenty of pictures to show off her new styles, she was definitely not camera shy.
Unfortunately we did not get to create every style we had planned...
In September 2012
Emma lost her battle against cancer.
She did not go without a fight though,
she was a very strong woman!
Since doing this for Emma I have attended a few charity events doing hair cuts, head shave, donating vouchers and helping in any way I can to fundraise for Cancer charities.
I am more than happy to offer my services to help.
Please do not hesitate in contacting me with any enquiries about services
that could help make another brave person smile.
Forever in my heart... once a special friend, now my angel.
- Stand Up To Cancer -
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