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Little Princess Trust

The Little Princess Trust -
The Little Princess Trust is a children's charity that supply real-hair wigs to children with cancer, they support both boys and girls for the duration of their  treatment throughout the UK/Ireland.
On average a real-hair wig can cost up to £2,000,
however The Little Princess Trust accept hair Donations!  
All of the Hair Donations are then used to make real-hair wigs
which are then given to young cancer patients free of charge.
Can you help?
On a regular basis I meet women who want
a new style, the latest trend
or simply tell me to 'cut it all off'  at the end of the service, the hair is swept up and put into the bin....
it is such a waste, so lets donate it instead!
If your wanting 7inches or more cut off your hair,
I will be asking if you would like to donate the hair to The Little Princess Trust.
I will cut your hair and send it off to the charity for you all you have to do is say YES.
Simply by saying yes you can change a life, you can give a young child confidence again,
a reason to smile through a hard time.
Here is a collection of images from previous clients that have said YES!
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